How much money can a physician recruiter make?

Answer As of Dec. 2, 2009, the average physician recruiter in the United States earns $83,000 annually. While experience and qualifications play a role in that number, city size plays a big role. The high... Read More »

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How to Make Money Online as an Executive Recruiter?

Executive recruiters are employment specialists whose job duties include searching, screening and interviewing potential applicants to be placed within senior level executive positions. Online exec... Read More »

How much does a national guard recruiter make?

How much do surgical physician assistants make?

In the United States, surgical physician assistant salaries range between $73,661 and $86,119, with the median salary being $79,652. This figure does not include additional benefits, which raise t... Read More »

How much does a physician assistant make per hour?

In 2008, the average wage for a physician assistant working in the U.S. was $39.24 per hour, or $81,610 per year, with the majority of physician assistants earning between $32.79 and $46.67 per hou... Read More »