How much money can a movie script be sold for?

Answer A screenplay is a specially formatted story written to become a motion picture. Movie screenplays fetch fees depending on the amount of demand for the project, the screenwriter's stature, the film ... Read More »

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How much money does the artist get per song sold on the Internet?

The amount an artist can make on a song download depends on whether the artist has representation by a music label. An independent artist can make about 74 cents from a 99-cent song download, while... Read More »

How much money is it to rent a movie?

Free at the library. For specific info about a biz, check out their web site (here is blockbuster: ) or call them.Peace!

How much money did the movie"Toy Story"make?

As of Dec. 9, 2009, Toy Story had grossed $222,389,385 domestically and $170,200,000 internationally. Toy Story's total gross international takings as of the same date were $392,589,385. This inclu... Read More »

How Much Money Do Movie Critics Make?

Movie critics get paid to watch films and discuss their merits and flaws, helping people to decide if they want to see a film or not. A good movie critic brings insight and knowledge to his writing... Read More »