How much money can a movie script be sold for?

Answer A screenplay is a specially formatted story written to become a motion picture. Movie screenplays fetch fees depending on the amount of demand for the project, the screenwriter's stature, the film ... Read More »

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What is a movie script format?

Unlike a story or novel, a movie script is written in a format light on description or feeling and which instead primarily concentrates on breaking action and dialogue into an instantly readable fo... Read More »

How to Read a Movie Script?

Scripts are just stage directions, and lines for actors. To read them, you need to know how it is composed.

Can you show me an example for movie script writing?

From the site,, you can click through the different script elements to see examples of each. The site shows 22 different elements you may need to know about.Follow the link, below.

How to Make a Movie Script from a Book?

A popular book to movie series.Making a book into a movie can seem difficult for a beginner, but if you follow these tips you will be writing in no time.