How much mineral content is in hard water?

Answer On One Hand: Anything less than a grain per gallon is soft.Hardness in water describes the presence of minerals that the water has absorbed on its journey from the spring or aquifer to the consumer... Read More »

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Should you water plants flowers herbs etc with mineral water does the type of mineral water matter and what effect do alkaline levels have?

You want to try and avoid watering plants with mineral water. The alkaline levels will kill some plants and can cause other plants to change colors in there flowers, fruit size, and fruit development.

Can you use hard well water with a high iron content to fill a fiberglass pool?

Answer I would try to filter the water first. Additionally, I would use a product to reduce the fall out of iron on the pool walls. It will most likely take about two quarts initially. This would ... Read More »

You get carbonated mineral water... why not oxygenated mineral water?

you can go to oxygen bars for that!i don't think it will work. it needs the carbonation for the product to have the right chemical reaction

Is Sparkling water as good for someone as regular water What are the benefits of Mineral water?

Sparkling water aids digestion by promoting peristalsis. The benefits of mineral water are the minerals themselves. Our soil base had been significantly depleted of minerals for the better part of ... Read More »