How much milk is too much for a diabetic?

Answer When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, their entire life undergoes a significant change. Now they must be extremely attentive to every single thing they eat and drink--especially when it comes t... Read More »

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How much blood sugar is too much for diabetic people?

I bought 2 quarts of milk last week & & bought 3x as much milk did i buy?

How much sugar is too much for a diabetic?

Sugar is either naturally occurring (as in milk or fruit) or processed like sucrose (table sugar); it is metabolized as a carbohydrate, which raises blood glucose. A diabetic can eat sugar as long ... Read More »

How much sugar can a diabetic have?

The amount of sugar a diabetic can have differs for each person. Some sugar is allowed in a diabetic diet as long as you also watch the carbohydrates. Eating sugar-free foods or using sugar substit... Read More »