How much milk does a 4 months old baby require?

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How much milk does a baby require?

It is recommended that you feed your child at least 2 oz.every two to three hours for the first month, adding 2 oz. every month until you reach 8 oz. You should be feeding your baby between five to... Read More »

Why should milk be served to your baby till there 12 months old?

Because the baby is vastly growing in these 12 months, it needs to have as much nutrients as possible. Letting them have milk for a year gives their brains the proper nutrients for development.

Can you give a baby whole milk at eleven months old?

The reason to not give your baby cow's milk until one year of age is because the baby's digestive system is still too delicate. "Cow's milk has too much sodium, potassium and chloride," which can h... Read More »

Who will have the better chances of survival a 7 months or 8 months old baby?

If we are talking about being born 8 months of course. The further along they are in their development the better. If you are talking about after being born depends on the baby and cause of dying.