How much milk do dairy goats produce?

Answer A healthy dairy goat milked daily can produce up to 10 percent of its overall body weight in milk or approximately 1 gallon of milk daily, according to the Dairy Goat Fact Book. While it is not as... Read More »

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When do goats produce milk?

When a doe gives birth, her body begins producing milk for her kids, a process called freshening. If the doe is a milking breed, she may give more milk than her kids need and continue to produce m... Read More »

Can cows or goats produce milk on demand?

Cows, like goats, produce milk after giving birth, so milk industries often artificially inseminate cows and goats once a year to maintain continuous milk production; cows produce milk for roughly ... Read More »

Can a dairy cow produce milk without birthing a calf?

A dairy cow must birth a calf to produce milk. With regular milking she will continue to produce milk for several months, but annual breeding is usually necessary to maintain useful production leve... Read More »

I need to set up dairy and line to produce cow milk in one liter bottle or tetra pack?

Go ahead with the project.It will be a costly affair if you go for tetra packing.However you can do packaging the pasteurized milk in food grade plastic bags using form fill and sealing machine.