How much mercury is in flu vaccine?

Answer The majority of flu vaccines contain thimerosal, a preservative form of mercury that protects large batches of vaccine from contamination. The EPA classifies a liquid with 200 parts per billion of ... Read More »

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Does the H1N1 vaccine contain Mercury?

It depends in what form the vaccine is given. If it is FluMist (through the nose) or a single-dose pre-filled syringe, then it does not contain thermisol (mercury). If it a multiple dose vaccine,... Read More »

How much a MMR vaccine cost in India?

Rs. 70 per dose manufactured by serum institute of India.

How much does a flu vaccine cost?

The flu shot can cost up to $25.Most insurance companies will cover the cost, or have relatively low co-pays ($5-$15, depending on your policy).Medicare covers the flu-shot for retirees and geriatr... Read More »

How much will the H1N1 vaccine be?

All the places giving it around here are charging 25.00 for the shot, but it looks like most insurance is picking it up. Some city governments and health departments are giving it free. Check your ... Read More »