How much mercury is in a fluorescent bulb?

Answer Mercury in fluorescent lamps reacts to electricity, producing ultraviolet light that emits visible light when it contacts the phosphor coating on the inside of the tube. Each lamp contains around 5... Read More »

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Do all fluorescent bulbs contain mercury?

Fluorescent light bulbs do contain mercury. The mercury is found in the tube, but only a minute amount of mercury is in the form of vapors. Mercury vapor is needed to produce ultraviolet energy, w... Read More »

Is there mercury in fluorescent lamps?

Fluorescent light bulbs contain a very small amount of mercury, between 5 and 10 milligrams in most bulbs sold for home lighting purposes. The mercury is encased in glass and the bulbs are very saf... Read More »

Is there mercury in the ballast of a fluorescent fixture?

Mercury is not used in the ballast of any type of fluorescent lamp. The ballast is a device used to control voltage. However, the lamp itself does require a small amount of mercury, often as little... Read More »

Why do compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury?

Compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury because it's one of the essential ingredients in the bulb that allows it to create the light we see.Mercury VaporMercury and another gas called argon resid... Read More »