How much memory will my Dell 5100 computer hold?

Answer A Dell Inspiron 5100 comes already installed with 256MB of built-in memory. To get more memory, this laptop can be upgraded. The most it can be upgraded to is 1GB.Source:Dell 5100 Memory Upgrade

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How much memory will go in a Dell Inspiron 5100?

The maximum RAM (random access memory) you can place in a Dell Inspiron 5100 is 1GB. The 5100 includes two memory sockets each supporting a maximum of 512MB of RAM.Source:Dell Inspiron 5100 Memory

Where is the PCMCIA slot on a Dell 5100 Notebook computer?

The PCMCIA slot on a Dell Inspiron 5100 notebook computer is located on the left side of the computer towards the back. The slot is after the headphone and microphone jacks.References:Dell 5100 an... Read More »

I have a Dell computer can I install extra memory myself or do I need to get Dell to do this.?

you can if you know how but you might forfeit the warranty.

How much RAM can a Dell computer model x11 45374 hold?

The maximum amount of RAM that a Dell computer model X11-45374 (also known as the Dell Insprion 530) can support is 4GB. If your computer is the Dell Inspiron 530a or 530c, it can support up to 8G... Read More »