How much memory will go in a Dell Inspiron 5100?

Answer The maximum RAM (random access memory) you can place in a Dell Inspiron 5100 is 1GB. The 5100 includes two memory sockets each supporting a maximum of 512MB of RAM.Source:Dell Inspiron 5100 Memory

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How much memory will my Dell 5100 computer hold?

A Dell Inspiron 5100 comes already installed with 256MB of built-in memory. To get more memory, this laptop can be upgraded. The most it can be upgraded to is 1GB.Source:Dell 5100 Memory Upgrade

How much memory will a Dell Inspiron 1000 take?

The Dell Inspiron 1000 can take up to 512 MB of memory. It includes 256 MB of RAM permanently attached to the logic board, and has an additional socket for expansion. The expansion socket accepts u... Read More »

How to Upgrade to 512 RAM in a Dell Inspiron 5100?

The Inspiron 5100 has room for up to two memory modules that you can install on the bottom of the computer. If you want to increase the amount of RAM in your computer from the current amount to 512... Read More »

Where is the hard drive on a Dell Inspiron 5100?

The hard drive in the Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop is found in the corner of the base of the laptop. If you place your laptop upside down on a table, with the bottom facing upward and the hinges close... Read More »