How much memory is on a video card?

Answer Modern video cards have anywhere from 256 megabytes to 2 gigabytes of memory . A computer with more video card memory can accomplish more graphic-intensive tasks. A personal computer being used to ... Read More »

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How much 14.1MP video can a 4GB memory card hold?

How much video time do you get on a 512 sd memory card?

Depends on your video quality. HD is about 35m minutes for a 4 GB card or 9 mininutes for a 1 GB card.SD 640x400 at 30 FPS is about two or three times that rate. About 17 minutes to 23 minutes on... Read More »

How much video can a 16 gb memory card hold?

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How much video can a 2GB SD memory card hold?

The amount of video a 2-gigabyte SD memory card can hold depends upon the mode you are using. It will hold 20 minutes of video in fine mode, 30 minutes in normal mode and 45 minutes in economy mode... Read More »