How much memory is available on my computer?

Answer On One Hand: It's Easy to Find OutChecking how much random access memory, or RAM, is on a computer is a simple task. If you own a Mac, click the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen. Cli... Read More »

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How do I check available memory on a computer?

Microsoft WindowsPress and hold the "Ctrl" and "Shift" keys and press "Escape" to open the Windows Task Manager. Select the "Performance" tab to see your computer's current memory usage. Determine ... Read More »

How do you increase your memory(RAM) when it is low. I have added as much memory as my computer will take?

The only way to increase the speed would be to get someone to install a bigger RAM in the CPU. As in, the RAM you have now will be of a certain size (512 MB maybe) If you replace it (or sometimes y... Read More »

How much computer memory do I need?

A basic computer user needs between 64MB and 128MB of memory for emailing, word processing and surfing the web. For multiple applications, games, videos or graphics, 256MB to 1GB of memory is recom... Read More »

How much memory can you add to a desktop computer?

As of March 2010, the maximum amount of memory that can be installed on a PC desktop computer is 16 gigabytes (GB). A Mac Pro desktop computer can hold up to 32 GB of memory.Source:Apple: Mac Pro D... Read More »