How much memory does a usb flash drive have?

Answer How much memory a flash drive can hold depends on the amount of gigabytes purchased. Flash drives can be purchased with a gigabyte as high as

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You insert a flash drive and discover that you cannot make use of all the memory on the USB flash device when?

how old is the flash drive? flash memory can only be written and re-written over so many times before it cannot be used anymore. For this reason flash drives are split up into multiple sectors, eac... Read More »

Flash Memory Vs. Hard Drive?

Despite their differences, flash memory and hard disks have something in common: they are both what is known as non-volatile memory. Non-volatile memory, unlike volatile memory, retains its data ev... Read More »

Can I use my flash drive as a memory stick?

On One Hand: Flash Drives Can Serve as Memory SticksTechnically, a flash drive is a form of "memory stick;" however, in all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can use your flash drive as ... Read More »

How much memory can a 4gb flash drive hold?

A 4 GB flash drive can hold approximately 2,200 7 megapixel JPG images at maximum quality, 1,000 MP3 songs or six full-length movies in the Divx format. Any combination of file types can be stored ... Read More »