How much memory can a Pentium 4 processor handle?

Answer The maximum amount of RAM available for use by the Intel Pentium 4 line of processors is 4 gigabytes. This is because the 32-bit processor allows only enough address spaces for a total of 4 gigaby... Read More »

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What kind of memory is used on a Pentium 4 motherboard?

A Pentium 4 processor uses Rambus DRAM, or RDRAM, memory modules. RDRAM is more expensive than the other types of memory modules but has double the maximum throughput of the next leading memory mod... Read More »

How many 72 pin SIMMs does it take to fill a bank in a Pentium computer?

Two 72-pin SIMMs are required to fill a bank on a motherboard with a Pentium-class processor. This is because the data path for memory on Pentium-class motherboards is 64 bits, while 72-pin SIMMs a... Read More »

I am confused by all of this core and pentium stuff. What kind of computer should I get?

It simplistic terms the more cores a computer has the faster it can perform. For example: 2 cores mean the work load of the computer will be distributed between 2 cores. 4 cores mean it will be ... Read More »

Is a Intel Pentium g640 processor faster than a pentium 4?

Different dimensions. The G640 fits socket 1155, pentium 4s were sockets LGA775, 478, 423. So if you are thinking about this as an upgrade, you'll need a new motherboard and RAM as well as CPU.The... Read More »