How much memory does a linux computer contain?

Answer A Linux computer contains as much RAM as has been physically installed. The amount of RAM does not differ based on the operating system that is installed.Source:RAM Definition

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What memory is used in Linux?

The Linux operating system requires a minimum of 256 MB of RAM to operate, however 512 MB is recommended. A Pentium 1 to 4 processor or AMD equivalent and 500 MB of disk space is also required.Refe... Read More »

How to Run Linux from a USB Memory Stick?

Pendrive Linux is a software application that allows you to install a bootable copy of your favorite Linux distribution on a USB memory stick, a small storage device that plugs into your computer's... Read More »

How much memory is in each DIMM in Linux?

DIMM slots do not have any memory by default: they are the ports used to connect memory, or RAM, sticks to the computer. The amount of memory space on the RAM varies from model to model.References... Read More »

How to Free Up Memory in Linux?

Linux tends to hold as much run-time information in RAM as possible, since RAM is much faster than swap. In so doing, Linux categorizes the data in RAM either as active or cached. Normally this sys... Read More »