How much memory does a linux computer contain?

Answer A Linux computer contains as much RAM as has been physically installed. The amount of RAM does not differ based on the operating system that is installed.Source:RAM Definition

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How many bytes does a 48k computer memory contain?

In computer storage, 48 kilobytes--or 48k--are equal to 49,152 bytes. Each kilobyte equals 1,024 bytes. A floppy disk holds nearly 30 times this amount, and a typical computer has tens of thousands... Read More »

How much linux memory is used by a process?

The virtual (allocated) and resident (physical) memory sizes reported by Linux utilities such as "top" show the amount of memory assigned to a process and its shared objects.Source:Linux Journal: A... Read More »

How much memory is in each DIMM in Linux?

DIMM slots do not have any memory by default: they are the ports used to connect memory, or RAM, sticks to the computer. The amount of memory space on the RAM varies from model to model.References... Read More »

How much memory does my Mac computer have?

The amount of memory that is contained in a Mac computer varies, but you can find out by clicking the Apple icon in the top left corner, then "About this Mac." The pop-up displays your Mac's memory... Read More »