How much memory does 160 GB have?

Answer a default app that says "settings"

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How much memory does a Wii have?

The Nintendo Wii comes with 512 MB of installed RAM memory. Eventually, some players will fill the built-in memory, which players can then expand by using SD cards. The Wii console's SD slots can a... Read More »

How much memory does a 20 GB Xbox 360 have?

While the 20 GB Xbox 360 advertises 20 GB of hard drive storage, the actual available memory of the device is less. After accounting for the four GB used for miscellaneous hard drive functions and ... Read More »

How much memory does the Xbox 360 have?

The Xbox 360 out on the market as of 2010 is the new Xbox 360 with 250 gigabytes of memory. It is a sleeker console to its previous version that held 512 megabytes. It retails for $299.99.Reference... Read More »

How much memory does my Mac computer have?

The amount of memory that is contained in a Mac computer varies, but you can find out by clicking the Apple icon in the top left corner, then "About this Mac." The pop-up displays your Mac's memory... Read More »