How much memory do you need to back up data on a laptop computer?

Answer The amount of memory you need to back up your laptop computer is going to depend on the amount of information you have. If you have 10 gigabytes of information, you need a hard drive that has at le... Read More »

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Memory open to do you formet this card problem how to back up data?

Copy it to anything you have to store it...

If i back up my ipod touch and then restore the back up will all the saved data of the games stay?

Unfortunately no. But a lot of games that require an account usually keep your progress on their servers so when you restore it should still be there.

Is there anyway you can get back any pictures/videos back thats deleted off your memory card on your camera?

The best you can do is use a recovery program, that may do it.However in the mean time don't use this card at all. Buy another card for the mean time.Just Google for "photo recovery" or use the li... Read More »

How do I save data with a memory stick?

Open the Memory StickPlug the memory stick into an available USB port on your computer. Wait for a minute to see if the device opens automatically. Select to view the files if a dialog box opens. I... Read More »