How much memory do you need to back up data on a laptop computer?

Answer The amount of memory you need to back up your laptop computer is going to depend on the amount of information you have. If you have 10 gigabytes of information, you need a hard drive that has at le... Read More »

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Memory open to do you formet this card problem how to back up data?

Copy it to anything you have to store it...

How much data can a 1 gb memory card hold?

it depends on the format ur music is in. WMA music is smaller than MP3 music. MP3 format is a better quality format though. I'd say 500 mp3 songs.

Do you need to back up your computer before upgrading the memory?

Upgrading the memory does not affect the hard drive, so there is no need to back up the computer before putting in new memory. However, it is always best to keep a current backup of the hard drive ... Read More »

When the Nikon digital camera says file contains no image data do I need a new memory card or is it the camera?

Try re-formatting the card in the camera. Consult your manual. Note: this will erase any images on the card.