How much memory do you need for xbox live?

Answer The elite and pro versions of the Xbox 360 come with a hard drive installed, therefore, you will not need additional memory. If you have only a core system, you will need at least a 64 MB memory un... Read More »

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How much memory do I need for my Xbox 360?

On One Hand: Internal MemoryMicrosoft's Xbox 360 video game consoles can include internal memory storage of 256 or 512 megabytes, which is enough space to allow gamers to play any Xbox 360 video ga... Read More »

Do you need the XBox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter to connect to XBox Live?

The Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter is necessary only when trying to connect to Xbox Live wirelessly. For wired connections, an Ethernet cable can directly connect the Xbox 360 to a modem or r... Read More »

How much memory can a xbox 360 memory card hold?

The Microsoft XBox 360 game console currently has a memory card that stores 512MB of data. There is also a 256MB and 64MB memory card available. You can use the memory cards to store small games an... Read More »

Can you sign into Xbox Live with a memory card?

Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console is able to connect to Xbox Live with the use of a 512 megabyte (MB) Xbox 360 Memory Unit (card). You can also save video game content, music, demos and video... Read More »