How much memory do I need on a laptop?

Answer Recommended memory for a laptop is between 2 and 4 GB. For basic computing, 2 GB is sufficient, while 4 GB is necessary for high-end use, such as complex programming, gaming or video editing.Sourc... Read More »

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How much memory do you need on a laptop?

In order to use a laptop, you need memory or RAM--random-access memory. Most laptops come with at least 1GB of memory if they are using Mac OS X or Windows Vista, but 2GB will increase their speed ... Read More »

How much centon memory does a laptop need?

The amount of centon memory needed for a laptop is dependent on the operating system and applications. For Windows Vista and office applications, at least 1 GB is recommended. High-end applications... Read More »

How much memory do you need to back up data on a laptop computer?

The amount of memory you need to back up your laptop computer is going to depend on the amount of information you have. If you have 10 gigabytes of information, you need a hard drive that has at le... Read More »

I need to buy a new laptop, not a Mac preferably, need plenty of memory for photos and music...?

good, i disloke mac to, i would recamend buying 1 of these, one is 550,m the other is 750 and both r nice, you realkly dont need storage all taht you would need to do is buy a external HD then yo... Read More »