How much memory can blu-ray hold?

Answer upto 50 gigabytes per disk

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How much memory can a xbox 360 memory card hold?

The Microsoft XBox 360 game console currently has a memory card that stores 512MB of data. There is also a 256MB and 64MB memory card available. You can use the memory cards to store small games an... Read More »

How much memory can an imac hold?

As of July 2010, the most powerful Apple iMac on the market has the capability of holding up to 16 GB of random access memory (RAM); however, the iMacs ship as standard with 4 GB of 1066MHz DDR3 SD... Read More »

How much can a memory stick hold?

The Sony Memory Stick XC is a removable flash memory card with theoretical upper memory limit of 2 Terabytes. The largest capacity memory stick currently available is the Memory Stick Pro, offering... Read More »

How much can a 4-GB M2 memory card hold?

The 4-GB M2 Memory Disk Micro by SanDisk is capable of holding up to 20 hours of MPEG4 video, up to 2,000 pictures or up to 1,000 MP3 format songs. The card fits into M2 slots or memory stick slots... Read More »