How much memory can Windows XP use?

Answer Windows XP can use 4GB of memory in the 32-bit version and 128GB of memory in the 64-bit version; Windows XP Starter Edition can use 512MB of memory.Source:Info on memory usage

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Can memory from Windows XP be added to memory on Windows Vista?

You may use memory from a Windows XP computer in a Windows Vista PC so long as both systems use the same type of memory. If the Windows XP computer uses DDR RAM, for example, the Vista computer mus... Read More »

The Difference Between Program Memory and Storage Memory for Windows Mobile 6.1?

Windows Mobile 6.1 devices contain two types of internal memory, program memory and storage memory. Both serve completely different functions; the amount of each defines aspects of the device's per... Read More »

How much memory does Windows XP use?

Windows XP needs approximately 1.5GB of hard drive space. In addition, a minimum of 64MB of RAM is required for the operating system to run, although Microsoft recommends 128MB of RAM for it to han... Read More »

How do I add more RAM memory for Windows XP?

Shut down your computer and remove the power cable from the wall. Unscrew the computer side panel or press any release levers to open the case. Ground yourself by touching something metal before to... Read More »