How much memory can I put in a Dell Inspiron 2650?

Answer The Dell Inspiron 2650 supports a total of 512 MB of memory and comes with 128 MB in its base configuration. Install a maximum of two 256 MB DDR-200 (PC-1600) DDR-SDRAM modules to upgrade your Insp... Read More »

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What type of wireless PC card can I use for a Dell Inspiron 2650?

The Dell Wireless 1350 miniPCI Card and the Dell Wireless 1450 miniPCI Card are both wireless PC cards that can be used with the Dell Inspiron 2650. Both cards are compatible with all Inspiron and ... Read More »

How to Access the BIOS Settings for the Dell Inspiron 2650?

Dell Inspiron 2650 computers provide users with a section of system settings beyond what the operating system offers. These settings are available by accessing the Dell Inspiron 2650 Basic Input Ou... Read More »

Where are the memory banks on Dell 2650?

The memory bank for the Dell Inspiron 2650 is on the underside of the computer near the circular intake fan vent. A long rectangular cover protects the slots for the memory bank and modem. Remove t... Read More »

How much memory will go in a Dell Inspiron 5100?

The maximum RAM (random access memory) you can place in a Dell Inspiron 5100 is 1GB. The 5100 includes two memory sockets each supporting a maximum of 512MB of RAM.Source:Dell Inspiron 5100 Memory