How much lumber does it take to build a house?

Answer According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a house that is approximately 1,000 square feet requires about 3,000 board feet of lumber to build. This is approximately the size of a sma... Read More »

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How many board feet of lumber does it take to build a house?

Different-sized houses will require different amounts of lumber. A board foot is calculated as 12-inches square by 1-inch thickness. To build a 1,800 square-foot house, you'd need 10,000 board feet... Read More »

How do I build shelves out of lumber?

Making wood shelves is a moderately easy do-it-yourself project. Different projects require different lumber. A garage storage shelf is fine with plywood. Shelves for your child's books can be pain... Read More »

How much lumber will I need to build a doghouse?

How to Build an Arbor From Treated Lumber?

An arbor can be a handsome addition to your backyard, offering shade and protection from the rain, as well as a decorative touch. And building your arbor with treated lumber ensures the structure w... Read More »