How much luggage can I take on a Delta trip?

Answer As of April 2010, you can take one carry-on bag and two checked bags on Delta flights. You may check eight additional pieces of luggage on Delta flights or two additional bags on Delta Connection f... Read More »

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How much luggage can you take on a Delta airline flight?

Delta Airlines allows each passenger one piece of carry-on item (dimension 45 inches total) plus one personal item such as a purse or a laptop. For U.S. domestic flights, one item weighing under 50... Read More »

How much is a bag of luggage insured for on Delta?

Delta Air Lines does not insure passengers' luggage. If your luggage is lost or delayed, the airline will provide reasonable expense reimbursements. The U.S. Department of Transportation states tha... Read More »

How much luggage can I take on the plane?

Although different airlines have slight differences in weight and bag allowances, airlines generally permit one carry-on bag and one personal item in the cabin of the aircraft. Most airlines allow ... Read More »

How much luggage can one take on an airplane?

The amount of luggage that a traveler can bring on a flight most often depends on the airline. Continental allows passengers to bring on a carry-on bag that does not exceed 40 pounds. Two checked b... Read More »