How much longer will class 142 Trains run before they are finally withdrawn from service.?

Answer They will run for as long as they are needed. They don't have a brilliant reputation among passengers, but most people would rather sit in one than stand on a full class 15x train, or pay higher fa... Read More »

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Why do long trains take longer to stop than short trains?

It's all based on weight. We use a figure called tons per operative brake(tpob). The more T.P.O.B your train has the longer it takes to stop it. If you had a short heavy train and a long light trai... Read More »

I was withdrawn from a class at the begginning of the semeste will this effect my financial aid?

Your amount of aid is based on how many credits you are taking. The aid does not take into account the reason you are not taken the credits any longer just that you are not. If the loss of credits ... Read More »

Will they let me sit in first class on busy trains?

To sit in first class you must have a valid 1st class ticket, the only other way to sit in there is if the Train Manager or Condutor (depending on service) has told you to go in there (normally due... Read More »

What (if any) benefits are there when travelling 1st Class with Virgin trains?

if you travel during the week you get meals served at your seat. During the weekend you get a free packed lunch type thing + drinks if you walk all the way to the other end of the train.It is nice... Read More »