How much longer till Wikipedia is back up?

Answer 9pm Pacific time. So 3 hours and 17 minutes from when I post this.And:"Is it still possible to access Wikipedia in any way?Yes. During the blackout, Wikipedia is accessible on mobile devices and sm... Read More »

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How much longer till my hamstring heals?

How much longer till Blu-Ray closes in on HDDVD for the kill?

it wont be long, anyone who has any sense could see it coming. the people who didnt anchored their argument on the vhs vs. beta war saying it was going to happen all over again, wrong. the diffe... Read More »

You are 40 weeks 2cm dilated 70 percent effaced how much longer till you go into labor?

All I can say is that I am 40 weeks 100% effaced and 2 cm dilated and I have not gone into labor. I am still waiting....

If I am 38 weeks 2cm dilated 80 percent effaced baby's head is engaged I am nauseated and have been having loose stools for the past few days How much longer till I go into labor?

I am 39 weeks and 3 days Im a good 2.5 cm and 80 percent effaced. your baby could come in a day or 10 all comes down to when baby wants to come he/she will come. you could dialate from a... Read More »