If you are 17 and no longer live with your legally appointed guardian can you have the guardianship changed to the person that you now live with?

Answer Answer A 17-year-old has no legal standing to make the change. Only their parents or the court can make the change. The current legal gaurdian would have to petition the court for the change.

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Once a dying person has stopped eating, how much longer do they live?

Stopped eating but still drinking can be anything from a few days to a few weeks.Mum lasted 6 weeks after she stopped eating.Love you Mum, RIP.

How much longer do you have to go in pregnancy after you have dilated 1cm and the baby's head is down?

Answer No-one can tell, you may go into labor tonight or you may go another 2 weeks.

If the doctor feels the babys head how much longer do you have?

18 months if you are already a registered nurse or 3 years direct entry.

How can u tell if someone is at the end how much longer will they have?

Unfortunately, cirrhosis of the liver can't be reversed and often leads to a long and slow death. You will know that her time is close if she falls into an Encephalopathic Coma that doesn't respo... Read More »