How much listerine does it take to get drunk?

Answer *Watches Darwinism in action*

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How much does it take to get you drunk?

Not much at all lolI'm a real lightweight :)Still, looking on the bright side, at least it saves me some money.

How much whisky does it take to get slightly drunk?

For your first time giving it a go you really wont need that much to get you tipsy. Probably a glass or two of wine will do, whiskey/spirits will get you messed up and your parents will probably fi... Read More »

How much alcohol does it take for a small girl to get drunk?

Small girl could be a six-year-old, or a 4' 11" nineteen-year-old. In either case, it will take a good deal less than an adult male. We would guess about three beers in the case of the 19-year-old.... Read More »

True or False Can one get drunk off of Listerine?

You will get a buzz but not from alcohol... you will get the feeling from poisoning... the person above is correct... the alcohol's are different. One gets you happy drunk.. the other (Listerine) g... Read More »