How much liquid does a demitasse cup hold?

Answer A demitasse cup holds approximately 3 ounces of liquid. Use a demitasse cup for serving a straight shot of espresso. A single shot should fill the cup about halfway.Source:Coffee: a guide to buying... Read More »

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How much does a demitasse spoon hold?

There is no standard size for demitasse spoons, which are used for stirring espresso. The typical demitasse spoon holds 1 to 2 tbsp. of liquid and measures 3 to 4 inches in length. The cup that sha... Read More »

How much liquid does a straw hold?

A straw is a cylinder, so to find how much liquid a plain, straight, non-bending straw can hold, find the volume of a cylinder. This is the radius (half the diameter) of the circular opening square... Read More »

How much liquid can a bladder hold?

The average human bladder can hold fluid in the amount of 400 to 500 ml or 14 to 17 fluid oz. The urge to urinate usually comes when the bladder is between 150 to 200 ml or 5 to 7 fluid oz.Source:M... Read More »

How much liquid does a punch bowl hold?

A punch bowl of an average size holds approximately a gallon of liquid. The one gallon of liquid makes approximately 30 5-oz servings, according to the Public Relations Council of Alabama.Reference... Read More »