How much liquid chlorine is needed to shock a pool?

Answer Use 1 gallon of liquid chlorine for each 10,000 gallons of water in the pool to provide a shock chlorination treatment. Perform a shock treatment of chlorine to your pool once each week.Source:East... Read More »

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How much shock chlorine is needed to winterize a pool?

You should use 1 lb. of either chlorine or non-chlorine shock for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. The chlorine level after shocking should come in anywhere between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per... Read More »

How much chlorine is needed to shock 25000 gallon pool for closing?

To shock a pool for closing, the chlorine parts per million (ppm) needs to be at 10 ppm. To achieve this level in a 25,000-gallon pool, add approximately 2 pounds of chlorine to the pool.Source:Poo... Read More »

How much liquid chlorine is needed to super-chlorinate a pool?

Normal levels of chlorine in a pool should be between 1 and 3 parts per million (ppm) for proper sanitization. Pools have differing sizes. Instead of a adding a set amount of liquid chlorine to sup... Read More »

What pool salt chlorinator system is better - polaris which requires some chlorine and shock treatment or the ultrapure turbo shock ozone generators that supposedly do not require any shock ever?

Answer Of the two I would recommend the Polaris system. Don't go for gadgets and feature, go for a simple reliable unit. Polaris will use more dependable, attainable parts.Up to a short time ago I ... Read More »