How much liquid can the 27-inch-high silver america's cup hold?

Answer According to the book "5,087 Trivia Questions & Answers," the America's Cup trophy cannot hold any liquid because it is bottomless. An article in "The Baltimore Sun" from February 21, 2010, also cl... Read More »

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What element is a shiny silver liquid?

At room temperature, mercury (atomic symbol Hg) is a liquid that appears lustrous (shiny) with a silver color. Mercury is the only metal element that is a liquid at room temperature.Source:Los Alam... Read More »

What is the Sky remote code for a 32 inch silver vistron tv?

What kind of thread is used to string liquid silver?

The tiny tubular silver beads known as liquid silver have a heft and shine unlike any others and truly appear liquid when worn in quantity. Because of the weight of the metal beads, some jewelers p... Read More »

How much liquid can a bladder hold?

The average human bladder can hold fluid in the amount of 400 to 500 ml or 14 to 17 fluid oz. The urge to urinate usually comes when the bladder is between 150 to 200 ml or 5 to 7 fluid oz.Source:M... Read More »