How much light is needed for a bathroom?

Answer Create layers of lighting in your bathroom. First, allow light designated for the shower area. Then vanity lighting should be on each side of the mirror and have at least 150 watts that spread over... Read More »

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If you were outside with 10-3 yr olds and 1 needed to use the bathroom what would you do Youre the only teach?

if you have 10 3 yr olds you absolutely need an assistant!!!!!!!

What personnel (architects, designers etc.) are actually needed when renovating a home/ adding a bathroom?

Unless you're building a 1,00,000 square foot structure an architect wouldn't even look at you let alone be hired by you. You call a contractor/designer and they come in and tell you what they wan... Read More »

How to Fit a Bathroom Light?

Bathroom lights generally need to have a feed cable---the cable that supplies the source of the power---coming into the bottom of the light switch box. A second cable is needed from the top of the ... Read More »

Why does the bathroom light go off and on?

Assuming you are mentally sane and not on meth, try tightening the bulb. If that does not work, it culd be a loose connection in your switch. DO NOT try to fix this if you don't know how. Get help.... Read More »