How much light is enough for reading?

Answer The ideal level of light for reading ranges from 1700 to 2800 lumens, and a typical 100-watt bulb produces 1740 lumens. The lumens metric, now required by the Federal Trade Commission on bulb packa... Read More »

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What is the best light for reading?

On One Hand: Some People Prefer Low LightingThe idea that reading in dim light will damage your eyes is a warning passed down through generations of concerned parents. Scientifically, the human ey... Read More »

The Effects of Reading in Low Light?

"Reading in dim light will damage your eyes." This is probably one of the many warnings that you have grown up hearing. Even today, scientists are working to find out the effects of reading in low ... Read More »

Does the Amazon Kindle 2 have a light for reading?

Neither the Amazon Kindle nor the Kindle 2 contains a built-in reading light, and the screens are not backlit. However, many companies offer third-party clip-on reading lights for the Kindle series... Read More »

What wattage of light bulb is best for reading?

The Illuminating Engineering Society determined that the minimum amount of light for reading is 40 foot-candles for a classroom for children. A light fixture mounted on a nine-foot ceiling requires... Read More »