How much light does chives need?

Answer Chives require partial shade, about 8 hours of sunlight per day.

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Do chives need light or darkness?

Removal of Melted Plastic I had posted this question in hopes that maybe someone could provide an answer other than what I was considering. I decided to go ahead and try what I was considering, an... Read More »

How much light does a hanging basket of ivy need?

Ivy grows best in indirect sunlight. If the ivy is hanging outside, find a spot that will get at least some shade during the day. If it is an indoor plant, place the basket near a natural light s... Read More »

How much light does Meyers zoysia need?

Meyers zoysia grasses can adapt to various amounts of light. They do better in shaded locations if the temperature is hot. In areas of the country that tend to be cooler, they do better in full sun... Read More »

How much light does an inside plant need?

The amount of light any plant needs depends on the species. An indoor plant needs little light, if any, but some indoor plants require more light than others. Read up on the species present in the ... Read More »