How much light does an inside plant need?

Answer The amount of light any plant needs depends on the species. An indoor plant needs little light, if any, but some indoor plants require more light than others. Read up on the species present in the ... Read More »

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How much light does a ficus plant need?

Ficus plants originated in tropical and subtropical climates and are accustomed to heat and sunlight. They grow best in a room with a southern exposure but also do well in bright, filtered light.Re... Read More »

What kind of light does a hibiscus need, outside and inside, it is in a pot and is 4 ft tall?

Hello, I have a tropical hibiscus that I have had 8 years. Just before the 1st freeze (normally late November) I prune back the plant to the height of 6 feet and winter it in our living room facing... Read More »

How much sun does a grape plant need?

Grapes require full sun on their leaves to develop the fruit's color. Grapes adapt to even the poorest soil conditions. Buy cultivars tolerant to the local USDA hardiness zone. Plant in well-draine... Read More »

How much sun does a basil plant need?

Basil plants need at least six to eight hours of full sun or bright light each day. Keep potted basil plants on a sunny windowsill or in a bright green house, or plant outside in full sun.Source:Un... Read More »