How much light do tomato plants need?

Answer According to Gardening Know How, tomato plants need plenty of full sun to grow heartily. Tomato plants need a minimum of six hours of full sun, but preferably eight hours to produce the most tomato... Read More »

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How much sun do tomato plants need?

Tomato plants do best when in direct sunlight and should be planted in the sunniest part of your garden so that they get at least seven hours of sunlight daily. If direct sunlight is not available,... Read More »

How much space do tomato plants need?

On One Hand: Up To 3 Feet ApartAccording to the University of Missouri Extension, most varieties of tomato plants grown in a garden need between 2 and 3 feet of space. If plants are spaced closer t... Read More »

How much water do tomato plants need?

I built my own garden. I live in a towwnhouse and have a very limited amount of direct sun light. Space is also a concern, with neighbors on both sides. I chose the side with the most sunlight, aft... Read More »

How much sunlight do tomato plants need?

Grow tomato plants in a sunny area that receives no less than seven hours of direct sunlight a day. The tomato plant is like other fruits that get the energy needed to grow from the sun.Source:Corn... Read More »