How much light do I need in a small greenhouse?

Answer To keep plants growing, greenhouses should receive at least six hours of sunlight a day. Low-light houseplants need as few as 100 foot-candles, while fruits and vegetables need as much as 5,000 foo... Read More »

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How much carbon dioxide does a greenhouse need?

The amount of carbon dioxide any plant needs for photosynthesis (the process of using carbon dioxide to store solar energy as sugars) varies from species to species. To double plant growth, horticu... Read More »

How much solar power do I need to light one light bulb?

One 100 watt light bulb can be charged by a solar panel that measures just under 11 square feet. A bulb powered by solar power can work for up to four hours on a full charge.References:Energy Resou... Read More »

Small Greenhouse Ideas?

A greenhouse is simply any structure with a glass or plastic covering. The covering heats up because warmth from the sun cannot escape quickly once it is inside the structure's walls, creating an i... Read More »

Small Citrus Trees for a Greenhouse?

Four Winds Nursery in California was the first to commercially graft and sell dwarf citrus trees, accomplishing for citrus trees what had already been done for apples and pears. Dwarf fruit trees c... Read More »