How much lift is needed for 33-inch tires on a 1984 4x4?

Answer Three to six inches of lift is generally required for the installation of 33-inch tires on a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The actual amount of necessary lift depends on the exact model of vehicle bein... Read More »

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How to Switch from 26 Inch Tires to 24 Inch Tires on a Bicycle?

Switching from 26-inch tires to 24-inch tires is not possible or wise unless the bicycle in question has disc brakes. Converting a bicycle with rim brakes from 26-inch wheels to 24-inch wheels is i... Read More »

How much fabric is needed for an 80-inch round tablecloth?

Making an 80-inch tablecloth requires 4 yards of fabric. Yardage is determined first by measuring the diameter of the table. Second, measure from the table to the floor and double this number for t... Read More »

Do 17-inch tires mean 17-inch wheels?

Tire sizes match wheel sizes. A 17-inch tire fits a 17-inch wheel. The number is the diameter, or distance across the center, of the wheel rim. Ensure wheel and tire match before installation. Size... Read More »

Can you replace 16 inch tires with 17 inch?

You can replace a 16-inch tire with a 17-inch tire if they are compatible tires, except in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Replacing tire sizes or mixing tire sizes requires special treatment. Refer to... Read More »