How much life insurance should a husband have?

Answer On One Hand: What Your Family NeedsThere is no set number for how much a husband should provide in case he dies because that amount depends on how many people he will leave behind. To find out how ... Read More »

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Can husband and wife remain on auto and life insurance policies after the divorce?

Answer As for the life insurance the answer is yes. For the auto the answer is maybe. If the cars are jointly titled then most likely yes as long as both or you remain in the same state. You wil... Read More »

How do I pay my life insurance premiums on line for Globe Life and Accident Insurance Co.?'s the website.

If someone is married can husband enroll his wife on his company's insurance plan and vice versa so both of them would have 2 insurance coverage?

Answer YesFor more technical details visit

How can you get some kind of insurance your husband is disable and he draws a SS disability checked and is a veteran but wife no insurance and can't get help she has health promblems?