How much life insurance is enough?

Answer On One Hand: Make Sure Your Family Is CoveredWhen purchasing life insurance, you want to make sure that your spouse and children are covered if you were to die today. A simple calculation is to mul... Read More »

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If I were to die while my kids are still minors, would a $50k life insurance policy be enough?

You are a cheapskate. I have a $100,000 dollar policy and I don't even have kids or a wife. I was hoping that would be enough to bury me and buy dog biscuits for my pooch for the next 7 or so yea... Read More »

How much homeowners insurance is enough?

Buying insurance can sometimes seem costly, but it is also something that a homeowner can't afford to be without. In fact, in most cases where a mortgage exists on the property, the homeowner will ... Read More »

How much is GI life insurance?

SGLI and VGLI GI life insurance is for active duty military personnel, reservists and training active and inactive service members. It covers them automatically for $400,000 at a monthly cost of ju... Read More »

How much life insurance do I need?

To determine how much life insurance you need, add up your family's short-term needs upon your death, such as final expenses and outstanding debts. Next, add up the long-term needs like mortgage pa... Read More »