How much liability insurance is needed on a automobile?

Answer Auto liability insurance varies from state to state. You might want to check with a local agent or try a web search within your state.

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What is the average cost for general liability and automobile liability insurance for a mass transit company?

Answer There are too many variables, you will need to contact an agent or agents and get quotes.

What is automobile liability insurance coverage?

Automobile liability insurance coverage is one of several types of autobile coverage. It is required by the law of most US jurisdictions in order to register a vehicle for operation on public highw... Read More »

Can a named insured be an excluded driver on an automobile liability insurance policy in Arizona?

Answer Yes as long as the named insured is not a spouse, or if the spouse does not drive and does not have a drivers license the spouse can also be excluded.

How much liability insurance is needed for a food pantry?

Serving the poor has it's risks!Depending on their locale, they should at least have $300,000 of owners, landlord and tenants liability. The people that are served by these places are often elderly... Read More »