How much leather should one buy to make chaps?

Answer The best way to determine how much leather is needed to make your own chaps is to measure a pair of your jeans. Multiply the measurements of the length and the widest part of the jeans together, to... Read More »

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How to Stretch Leather Chaps?

Leather chaps look great, but if you are going to be wearing them to ride, your chaps will need to have some flexibility. Fitted leather chaps are sometimes too tight, especially at the knee, to we... Read More »

How to Make Cowboy Chaps?

Chaps are a type of riding gear designed by the Spanish in the colonial period, then called "chaperajos," or leg armor. As the name suggests, chaps were created to protect the legs from damage when... Read More »

How to Make Cowgirl Chaps?

Chaps, pronounced "shaps" were originally used by South and Central American horsemen, who called them chaparajos. Made from thick cowhide, they were worn over pants to protect legs from thorny und... Read More »

How to Make Chaps From Blue Jeans?

Chaps are customarily worn over jeans by motorcyclists and ranchers as an extra layer of protection when riding or working. Commonly made from leather, chaps serve as a sturdy layer over pants to p... Read More »