How much jail time does one get for writing bad checks?

Answer Writing a bad check can be costly. Penalties imposed on bad check writers vary by state. Fines can reach upward to $50,000 and up to 10 years in jail.Source:Bad Check Laws by State

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Can you go to jail for writing a bad check?

As of 2009, each state has its own laws regarding bad checks. However, the practice of writing a check with insufficient funds is illegal in all 50 of the United States. The writer of the check can... Read More »

Law on Writing Bad Checks in Michigan?

Under Michigan law it is illegal to write or pass a check drawn on a bank account that you know does not exist. Additionally, it is illegal to write or pass a check from a bank that you know has in... Read More »

Indiana Laws on Writing Bad Checks?

A bounced check is one written without the funds in the bank to honor it. A bad check is a bounced check that you do not intend to honor. Bad checks are left unpaid, while bounced checks are paid i... Read More »

Legal Penalties for Writing Bad Checks?

Writing a bad check that bounces due to insufficient funds nay be the result of a simple mistake on the part of the account holder, maybe he miscalculated the date that a direct deposit would have ... Read More »