How much is your Kirby tradition vacuum cleaner 1981 worth?

Answer 1981 kirby tradition how much would it be worth......excellent condition..

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What is the value of 1979 Kirby Tradition Vacuum Cleaner?

How do you hook up your upholstery cleaner to a Kirby vacuum cleaner?

they stink really badYou can't hook up an upholstery cleaner to a Kirby unless it is a KIRBY upholstery cleaner that you buy separately and it attaches to it on the front of the machine.I have the ... Read More »

How much does a Kirby vacuum cleaner cost?

Using an AIRFLOW INDICATOR METER TOOL. Baird is one of the brands that make them.

How much is a star vacuum cleaner worth now?

(Improved Answer) WOW, I was looking for a simple answer and ended up finding folk lore, so I went to GE, the manufacturer of refrigerators for years. I do want to note that the original person to ... Read More »