How much is you cable bill?

Answer Mine is about 87 a month, that's cable and the internet!

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If you threaten to cancel your cable will they lower your cable bill?

What does"DVR"mean on my cable bill?

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. DVRs operate like a VCR or DVD recorder, except they record to an internal hard drive instead of a tape or disk. Cable and satellite companies sometimes rent ... Read More »

Does it run the cable bill if you sleep with the tv on?

It runs up the electricity bill, but if it helps, if you own a computer, put it by your bed side and watch a movie before you go to sleep, I have the same issue, finding it hard to sleep without te... Read More »

Is cable a utility bill?

Cable television is not a utility bill because it is not a public service under government regulation. Private companies offer cable to household wishing to pay for the variety of television servic... Read More »