How much is yellow topaz worth?

Answer The value of topaz varies depending on size, weight, color, clarity and cut. A yellow topaz is more valuable than a blue topaz, but less valuable than a red. As of 2009, a cut topaz, depending on c... Read More »

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The History of Yellow Topaz?

Blue topaz is both famous and valuable and many people automatically think of it when they hear the word "topaz." On the other hand, yellow topaz is its striking counterpart. A different color of t... Read More »

Is a citrine the same as a yellow topaz?

Citrine and yellow topaz are actually two different gemstones. Although similar in color, citrine is born of the quartz family, while topaz comprises its own family. Due to a difference in flourine... Read More »

Is yellow topaz rare?

According to the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Texas, yellow topaz is common, and costs less than $50 per carat. Blue is the most common, and reds, pinks and violets are th... Read More »

Where can the yellow topaz birthstone be found?

Topaz, which comes in a variety of colors, in found mostly in Brazil, which is the leader in topaz production. However, the yellow topaz birthstone is mostly found in Europe, primarily Germany.Refe... Read More »