How much is verizon isdn&how does it work?

Answer Verizon's ISDN is an integrated service digital network that provides high-speed data transfer, and it allows the usage of voice, video and other large amounts of data over a single telephone line.... Read More »

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Does Verizon work in Mexico?

Verizon will work in certain areas of Mexico. You will need to contact Verizon to enable the phone to work, and the calls will likely be considered roaming and be more expensive.References:Verizon ... Read More »

Does Verizon work in Australia?

A Verizon cell phone can work in Australia. As long as you purchase Verizon's Global Value Plan that allows you to use Australia's GSM network, you can make and receive calls.References:Verizon Wir... Read More »

Does Verizon work in England?

You can use your Verizon Wireless service in the United Kingdom, which includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Since England doesn't fall under Verizon's normal international roamin... Read More »

Does Verizon iPhone 4S work overseas?

the iPhone models will work mostly anywhere in any country. However, by buying a handset in a different company and it has been registered there and it's on another country's network, then you will... Read More »