How much is trucking school?

Answer How much truck driving school costs depends on if you get your training from a college or if you train with a company. Truck driving schools generally cost between $2,000 to $4,000. Many trucking c... Read More »

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Do i need to know how to drive a manual before going to trucking school?

You don't NEED to, but it will help a lot. If you can focus on learning how to be a good semi driver you will better than having to spend a bunch of time learning how to shift. You will have to lea... Read More »

Anyone know trucking company or school that will finance and train a team,one with10 year old felony?

Hey I am having problems too, do I know one? No but I have some advice. Make a post on Craigslist & explain the situation, go to Craigslist under Transportation & create a post, maybe do several di... Read More »

What is OTR trucking?

Over the road trucking usually involves hauling freight over long distances in a tractor trailer. Deliveries could include coast-to-coast stops, as well as throughout Canada. It could keep a driver... Read More »

What is hot shot trucking?

Sometimes manufacturers and warehouses have specialty or light loads which need to be shipped but do not require the use of a full-sized tractor-trailer. Many companies can save on their shipping e... Read More »