How much is travel insurance from Ghana to the US?

Answer AnswerRenters insurance rates usually depend on several factors. Location of where the apartment/house is. Example: Do you live in the basement or bottom floor or upstairs? How much is the estimate... Read More »

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How much commission can a travel agency expect from the sale of travel insurance?

I am travelling from ghana to uk what things do i need to travel?

No. That would be illegal. In fact, your grandmother could get herself in a lot of trouble by giving it to you. She could become disqualified and lose her entitlement.

How can i travel from Ghana with Australian passport to usa what wil be the requirement?

If Im planning to travel should you purchase travel health insurance through the same company you get your regular insurance from?

You can get traveler's health insurance or international medical insurance from your regular insurance company if they offer it.Depending on your current plan, it may already be included, or you ma... Read More »