How much is tow truck insurance?

Answer Numerous variable factors contribute to the cost of tow truck insurance, such as age of vehicle, city of operation, the amount of the deductible chosen, the owner's driving record and the type of t... Read More »

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If you are in a program for debt negotiation of credit cards and one of the creditors also holds your truck loan and car insurance can they repossess the truck even though you've never missed a payment?

Answer YES its possible...READ your loan contract ASAP. 3 phrases you DONT want to see...1 cross-collateralization;2 lender believes debtor may be insolvent3 collateral must be covered by insurance... Read More »

If a garbage truck hit your parked car do you go through insurance or go to the town hall and what insurance will cover that?

Answer If you have collision coverage on your vehicle, the damage is covered under your policy. Your insurance company will then attempt to recover ("subrogate") the responsible parties insurance ... Read More »

If you are renting a car and a U-Haul truck do you need to buy insurance or can you use the insurance you have on your car?

Answer This information is for California since that is where the truck was rented from UHaul. My girlfriend rented it and paid on her credit card. It was for me to use to move the contents of my... Read More »

How much is commercial truck insurance?

The price of insurance for a commercial truck driver is directly affected by the insured's age, driving record, marital status and other factors. Insurance can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 ... Read More »